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The WARP_FOIL extends Duotone’s PWA slalom champion fin sail range. It’s a specific and highly advanced foil design suited for foil racers looking for something that complements the low-drag of the hydrofoil. Compared to traditional fin sailing you have approximately 70% lower drag on the foil. We were the first brand to understand that it requires a totally different sail design (profile, twist pattern, aspect ratio) to match the low-drag hydrofoils.

The balance between control and performance/speed over a maximum wind range is what counts for winning races. It’s a value that cannot be ignored. With the WARP_FOIL we have succeeded in delivering the most powerful, super stable and fast foil racing sail with a huge wind range that can be ridden on the water with a hydrofoil. The 20.22 lineup consists of the following sail size: – 9.9: Course Race specific design for up- and downwind courses – 8.9 & 7.9: Designed for both Slalom and Course Race formats – 6.9 & 5.9: Slalom specific designs – 5.2 & 4.5: Speed-Slalom specific designs The team around chief sail designer Kai Hopf, chief tester Marco Lang and PWA vice world champion Pierre Mortefon have set to develop the 4th generation of the WARP_FOIL. The previous model has proved to be the most successful and competitive foil racing sail during the 2021 PWA season with Marion Mortefon winning the women foil word title and Pierre Mortefon and William Huppert ending up in 2nd and 3rd.

The WARP_FOIL 20.22 is based on the same design principles and features incorporating the latest developments in foil racing. Since foil slalom has shown to be competitive to the fin even in high wind conditions we have extended the range toward Slalom-Speed by adding the sizes 5.9, 5.2 and 4.5 to the range. Especially the 5.2 and 4.5 have a more compact outline improving the high end control. On the other side of the range the 9.9 got completely reworked now featuring an 8-batten layout. This has a tremendous effect on the control and wind range of this size as this is one of the essential factors for the Course Racing format. All sizes are now equipped with an XPly top panel. The slightly more elastic XPly improves control in high winds and keeps the leech stable. To accommodate the increased area on the big sizes 7.9, 8.9 and 9.9 here even the two top panels are made out of XPly. This stabilizes the top and prevents the leading edge from vibrating. Another major improvement to enhance control is the reduced profile at batten 6 which moves the main power to the center. In our eyes, the WARP_FOIL 20.22 redefines the benchmark of control : performance : wind-range ratio. It’s purely designed to win low-drag hydrofoil races!

Attention: for maximum performance the WARP_FOIL is equipped with 4 carbon tube battens. These battens are stiffer but unfortunately also more fragile than glass tube battens. Therefore, they are excluded from Duotone’s warranty!






5.9m, 7.9m, 8.9m