2021 FANATIC Windsurf Foil – Flow 1500/215 Wing Set



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Flow 1500

Flow 1500
Sizes: 1500

Our range of Flow Windsurf Foils comes with two hot new front wing additions – the performance All-rounder 1000 and the lifty glider, our new 1500.

Adding to our popular Flow Foils 900 and 1250, the new high aspect 1000 is an all-round performer for the ambitious foil windsurfer. Following the line of the 900, the thinner profile offers great speeds, lively turning behaviour, yet early lift for a range that goes from light winds all the way to fully powered up flight.
The new 1500 is the ultimate weapon for the light breeze. Same as the 1250, this wing is inspired by our easy and forgiving surf foils, with insane glide and real surfing behaviour, but in a faster profile adding speed and excitement.

Both new wings are designed with our existing ultra rigid AL900 (or AL750) mast, our AL900 fuselage and work perfectly with the 215 Carbon Back Wing.

Flow Foil 1500 (Light wind weapon): Earliest lift and insane glide – surf inspired.

Mast & Fuselage Kit sold separately.

ARTICLE NUMBER 13200-3546 (Wing Set 1500/215) / 13200-3519 (Mast & Fuselage Set 900/900) *Note, Wings are delivered with individual covers, Mast & Fuselage Set comes with Foil Bag