2021 FANATIC Foil – Aero 1500/295 Wing Set



Mast & Fuselage Set is sold separately.

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Aero 1500

Your foil your way

Aero 1500
Sizes: 1500

Good things come to those who wait! Our next generation of Aero Surf Foils will blow your mind! The new wings are highly efficient, keep flying as long as you want and offer incredibly fluid and forgiving turning!
Our new range of Aero Surf Foils comes with multiple size front and back wings as well as two fuselage options for different conditions and rider weights. Completely revamped Carbon front wings in 1500, 2000 and 2500cm can be combined with 365 and 295 cm Carbon back wings and two different length fuselages. Our newly designed 75cm Alu mast with special profile and wider chord length offers rigidity and response you’d only expect from carbon.Various combinations are possible, these four key combos are offered as packages:

Aero Foil 1500 (Prone Surf and Advanced SUP): 1500 front wing / 295 back wing / 64cm fuselage. Our fastest and most manoeuvrable setup is good for riders between 70-95kg once the surf is head high and above. For riders below 70kg it’s a good all-round setup.

ARTICLE NUMBER 13200-3540 (Wing Set 1500/295) / 13200-3510 (Mast & Fuselage Set 750/640) *Note, Wings are delivered with individual covers, Mast & Fuselage Set comes with Foil Bag

Mast & Fuselage Set sold separately.