2020 Starboard Foil 1300, Naish 2020 Comet 4’6 PU package


$2,848.00 $1,990.00


An awesome introductory package for the surfer who wants to foil.  Brand new board and foil, perfect size for a light to intermediate weight surfer to get out and learn the art of foiling.

Wave 1300 foil.

The Performance Foil from Starboard.
Designed for speed and flowing turns. It handles surface breaches smoothly and keeps accelerating. Developed together with Abraham Shouse, Maui.

Naish Comet 4’6, 27L.

Who is it for?
These boards are for surfers who want easy paddling and control while foil surfing.

What does it do:
Hover Surf Comets easily glide into waves and offer direct foil control.

Why is it unique?
Despite its small size, these boards offer fantastic paddling performance with no sacrifice in foiling performance.

What’s new?
New smaller sizes for better foil performance.

Year after year, foil surfing has continued to rapidly evolve and grow. Matching the pace of the evolution has been the Hover Surf Comet. Surfers accustomed to riding a shortboard will appreciate its narrower width for easy paddling.

For 2020, two new smaller sizes have been added with a 4’6” and 4’10” joining the 5’2”. These shorter lengths greatly reduce swing weight and give unmatched control when foiling.

Not to neglect the ability to catch even the smallest of waves, these shapes have ample volume with a wide tail that make catching waves and popping up easy and stable. For added paddle power, the rocker is refined with a slightly straight mid section and added nose rocker.

The concave deck also makes paddling more comfortable and naturally guides your feet to the center of the board when popping up.

Two 10” US fin boxes contribute to the boards versatility allowing users to position the foil exactly where they want it based on ability or size.

For surfers who want the outline, nose shape and paddle power of their traditional shortboard when foiling, the Hover Comet blends traditional feel with futuristic performance.