NAISH Nalu GS 10’6″x32″



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NALU 10’6″ X32 GS
All-around Classic
Who is it for?
The Nalu 10’6” X32 is for paddlers who want timeless, classic longboard SUP performance in surf and flatwater with additional stability.
What does it do?
Everything, the Nalu offers the most versatility in any SUP board shape.
Why is it unique?
The Nalu can be used in any kind of conditions by almost every riding level.
Versatile and easy-to-ride, this classic longboard shape is ideal for anything from flatwater cruising and fitness training to wave riding. An additional 2” of width—when compared to its 10’6”, 30”-wide counterpart—adds increased stability, making it more accessible to a larger user base. It also shares many of the same features, including its classic rockerline, recessed deck and thin rails, for ideal performance in small to medium-sized waves.
This construction provides the same one-board solution for riders seeking versatility, stability and wave riding performance, but at a lower cost than the GTW construction. Made with a strong glass matrix deck and bottom along with wood reinforcement in the stance area, the GS construction is durability and built to last.
Any paddler looking for a classic longboard shape, with added stability at a more affordable price point need look no further than the Nalu 10’6” X32 GS.
Ideal for riders up to 200 lbs/91 kg

Nalu 10’6″ X32
10’6″/320 cm
32″/81.3 cm
4 3/4″/12 cm
190 L


Ledge Handle

Ergonomic + easy to pick up & carry effortlessly

Crocodile Grip EVA Deckpad

Excellent Comfort and Traction

Partial Wood Sandwich Deck

Lightweight + increased strength

Thruster Fin Option

MFC Center Fin 10.5