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Foils & Boards

Join the Revolution in Surfing and Beat the crowds.

We cater for Prone, Sup, Downwind, Wing, Kite, Windsurf, and Wake foiling.

We continue to keep up with the newest trends with new stock coming from Armstrong, Axis, Cloud IX, Duotone, Naish, Fanatic, Neil Pryde, Konrad, and more.
With the most experienced teachers, riders and staff in Newcastle, plus the biggest range of brands and equipment so we can get you on the right gear as comfortable and easy as you like.

Welcome to your new world of water sports.

Foil boarding or Foiling is sweeping the world as one of the most new and innovative ways to paddle, ride or sail any water sport.
Here at Kite and SUP we have been riding and teaching foil boarding since 2014, with the largest team of experienced riders and teachers across  prone/surfing, sup, windsurf, wingsurf and kite. Plus trained staff who do the sports to ensure you get the right gear to get you on the water having fun safely and easily.
With one of the largest ranges of brands and gear in Australia we will have you on the right gear.


Sports and Equipment.

Sports, well we currently are catering and have gear coming or available for the following sports from the following brands.

Kiteboard Foilboarding, with brands such as Armstrong, Cloud Ix, Axis, North, Naish, Duotone, Konrad, Fanatic, and Neil Pryde.

Windsurf Foilboarding, with brands such as Naish, Fanatic, Axis and Neil Pryde.

Stand Up Paddleboarding Surf/ Downwind Foilboarding, with Brands such as Armstrong, Cloud IX, Naish, Fanatic, AXIS, JP, NP, Sic, Konrad and More.

Surf Foilboarding, with brands such as Armstrong, Cloud IX, Axis, Naish, JP, NP, Fanatic, Signature, Konrad and more.

Wake Foilboarding, with brands such as Armstrong, Cloud IX, Naish, Duotone, Axis.

We are so busy our website is not up to date. 
If there are any products your interested in please call or email the shop as we have far more stock then is listed on our webpage.

Lessons and Coaching

$90 for 1.5hrs of one on one tuition. (Prone or Sup)
$40 for a surf or sup surf fun demo, advisory session 30-50mins on the water.

$300 for a 2hr Boat assisted Hydrofoil Lesson With Escape Eco Adventures- Book Now

$550 for a 2 Lesson Package. 2 x 2hr Boat assisted Hydrofoil Lessons With Escape Eco Adventures- Book Now

Location will be subject to the conditions on the day and the sport in question.

We have a variety of brands we can teach with and you are welcome to choose your preference or change between them during the lesson to find your personal preference for what works for you.

We do not hire or free demo any of our foils.

As for what you will learn in a lesson it comes down to you as an individual.
You need to be at a reasonable level in your chosen sport to be able to learn to foil.
If you can’t surf you won’t be able to foil surf.
You have to learn to walk before you can run and jump.

For enquiries please call
Shop                    0249542118
David Sorensen  0414568545
Greg Perkins       0404037929

To see what it’s all about, follow the Newcastle Foil Crew on YouTube: