2021 NAISH S25 Foil Mast 95cm Deep Tuttle


Please inquire about local and package pricing.



Naish aluminum masts have been redesigned entirely for S25, achieving weight savings of 25%, increased stiffness in both bending and torsion as well as a new mast geometry offering easier control at any speed. They feature a new bonding system, which makes them a single unit with the board mount as well as the fuselage connection resulting in a sealed and more direct board connection system.

Choose between:

  • Mast with Standard plate – 65 cm, 75 cm, 85 cm & 95 cm
  • Mast with Abracadabra – 75 cm (sold as complete Abracadabra System)
  • Mast with Deep Tuttle – 85 cm & 95 cm