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3 IN 1 DESIGNFor an unprecedented trim range and an extremely wide wind range

HYPER CAM 2.0Completely new and technically superior: the camber revolution with adjustable length – for optimised rotation and increased performance

AERO SLEEVE DESIGN 2.0Maximum performance combined with fast waterstarting

HOLLOW LOWER LEECHEnables to reduce the bottom length without loosing low end power

iBUMPER 2.0The most advanced and effective molded mast protector

MINIMUM MAST CONCEPTOne mast (460 – 25) fits all sizes

iROCKET 2.0Torque wrench factory calibrated individual batten tensions.



The highly sporty, competitive slalom sail with unbelievable forward pull – the S_PACE craves for speed and yet is easy to handle. It carries the racing genes of the WARP for unrestricted power delivery, but at the same time the handling is extraordinarily simple for this class. The based is the revolutionary 3 IN 1 DESIGN that Kai has developed over a period of 3 years, which allows an unprecedented trim range. Together with the three brand-new HYPER CAM 2.0, a tremendously wide range of use is the result: Adjusting the S_PACE trim for low- or high end conditions fundamentally changes the sail, which makes it possible to achieve maximum performance across all wind conditions!
The new S_PACE featuring the 3 IN 1 DESIGN is the perfect symbiosis of our most successful race slalom and freeride sails: whether V-Max, maximum acceleration or used as a sporty foil engine, the S_PACE is the most versatile cam sail on the market. With this sail designer Kai Hopf combines the top performance of the WARP with a very balanced sailing behaviour and a much wider range of use. This is achieved through a greatly reduced and almost straight luff curve in the upper area. This causes changes in the luffing tension to have a very large effect on the leech. Low downhaul tension results in a very tight leech, high tension leads to a very pronounced loose leech. The two extremely far apart positioned MIN and MAX trim points are proof of testament that the 3 IN 1 DESIGN covers an incredibly wide wind range. On top the S_PACE shows a completely different high- or low end performance and sail character depending on the trim. On MIN setting with tight leech, it’s supper effective to pump, accelerates very efficiently and feels incredibly light – ideal also for foiling. On MAX trim, however, the S_PACE feels very similar to the WARP, constantly getting faster without limits. Three new, length-adjustable HYPER CAMS 2.0 ensure unique draft- and profile stability yet smooth rotation.
Particularly noticeable is the highly tapered luff sleeve in the AERO SLEEVE DESIGN 2.0. Its width in the aerodynamically important boom area enables the optimal transition from the “thick” mast leading edge to the “thin” sail body. However, at the top of the sail the luff sleeve has remained relatively narrow to enable fast water starts. This is supported by the LUFF LIFT DESIGN of the WARP 20.20, which provides additional lift.
Simply awesome: When used for foiling the S_PACE features a special clew eyelet to be able to position the sail even more upright!


Optimum performance and camber rotation at any time! HYPER CAM 2.0 is the camber revolution for even more sail performance. The secret is a variable slider which gets adjusted via a Torx stainless steel screw, determing the camber length (patent pending). Further extended results in maximum propulsion, slightly shortened optimizes the rotation. The difference is clearly noticeable and has a great influence on the performance level of the sail. The camber length can be changed by anyone within seconds and adjusted to his preferences, even under full sail tension. Despite this unique additional function, the HYPER CAM 2.0 is only slightly heavier since the housing is weight-optimized.
But that’s not all that it offers:
Advantage 1:
Super-fast rigging up (only rolling on instead of snapping on) without having to correct luff and outhaul tension multiple times.
Advantage 2:
Minimal friction and very gentle batten rotation, since the HYPER CAM has exposed pulleys without plastic braces and only the pulleys touch the mast.
Advantage 3:
Optimised shape for the best possible luff sleeve profile and ideal aerodynamics.
Advantage 4:
Suitable for all mast diameters because only the pulleys touch the surface and never the plastic structures themselves, allowing the HYPER CAM to rotate with extreme ease.
Advantage 5:
Fast and easy length adjustment for individual tuning of max. performance vs. ease of rotation.
Attention: due to new batten attachment not retrofitable to HYPER CAM 1. generation sails.

2+3 Year Warranty2+3 Year Warranty

Guaranteed quality – no other brand offers anything close to it.

Keeping weight to a minimum is a great idea. But if necessary reinforcements are reduced too much, the product’s service life will automatically get shorter. DUOTONE has struck the perfect balance between weight and durability. To prove our dedication to ensuring durability and unique quality, almost all of our sails come with a 2+3 year warranty (excluding monofilm). To secure warranty claims fully, please remember to register at www.duotonesports.com straight after your purchase. Otherwise, only statutory warranty claims will be accepted. This is valid only for original owners.

Mast Sleeve OpenerMast Sleeve Opener

Frictionless insertion of the mast into the luff sleeve. An ingenious solution does away with the tedium of inserting the mast. The DUOTONE logo above the boom cutout gently opens the sleeve so that the mast can be threaded with one hand into the luff friction-free, without having to constantly make adjustments to the luff.


The correct boom length without the need for trial and error. Because the boom is attached to the mast at different heights depending on body size, and because this creates a different angle to the mast, the boom length will vary. Specific recommendations for the correct length are printed directly on the luff sleeve at the boom level.

iBUMPER 2.0 (combined with VTS 2.0)iBUMPER 2.0 (combined with VTS 2.0)

A real innovation that offers additional value is the new iBUMPER 2.0, since in addition to its function as a lightweight and reliable mast protector it is also useful as a trimming tool. After stretching on a new sail, the best indicator for optimum trim is the position of the mast end at the height of the protector. For this reason, the new iBUMPER 2.0 now has a vinyl viewing window so that the lower edge of the mast can be identified. Once the perfect trim has been found, the optional Velcro patch can be used to “save” this position – saving time and ensuring maximum performance.


Find the perfect trim with minimal effort.

The integrated, nickel-plated brass triple roller minimizes the downhaul forces tremendously.


Long-term guarantee for the sail foot. When starting off on the water or catching up, the foot of the sail is constantly dragged over the nonslip coating, particularly for wide boards. With the exclusive DURATECH FOOT, the seams are completely protected within a large plastic channel so that the surface cannot chafe against seams and material.


Never position your harness lines incorrectly again. Do away with the tedium of adjusting to the optimum rope position, as well as the numb forearms and the endless fiddling around. The patented print on the sail shows exactly where the centre of the harness line has to be. All you need to do is position the two ends symmetrically at the left and right of the print.

Progressive Cutaway Clew incl. Cross BattenProgressive Cutaway Clew incl. Cross Batten

Optimum combination of minimised rotation forces, power, and handling. The CROSS BATTEN concept is the intelligent solution that shifts the draft position downwards while supporting the large surface area in the boom area. It also allows for an early planing profile without losing handling. Ideal in combination with the PROGRESSIVE CUTAWAY CLEW which has an extremely positive influence on the sail’s agility and handling, and allows for a shorter, more rigid boom. Both features vary depending on the sail type and size. That is, the more pronounced the CUTAWAY and the longer the CROSS BATTEN, the more flex and comfort achieved, especially when overpowered (“excess” sail area “flexes away” in a controlled manner). The more the sail is geared towards performance, the less pronounced both components are to ensure a more direct acceleration.


What would you prefer? Maximum puncture resistance and UV weathering resistance with minimal stretch? Or (theoretically) improved ripstop properties?

We went with option A and developed the most durable laminate on the market. Because the factors of puncture resistance, durability and stretch evidently depend only on the thickness of the film used, we use only 150 or 100 micron thick films for our exclusive XPLY PLUS. In an extensive series of tests, we have developed the ideal combination of necessary film thickness and number of threads. The X.PLY PLUS in particular, at 150 microns in thickness, boasts durability characteristics far in excess of previous laminates at minimal weight. This is also acknowledged by all the big surfing centres and rental equipment providers around the world, who place their trust in the unbeatable quality and longevity of our sails.

Double Seam TechnologyDouble Seam Technology

Double the durability with half as much stretch. DUOTONE manufactures products of unmatched quality which gives our sails a significantly longer lifetime. A key feature which helps to achieve this is the triple-stitch zig-zag seams. Unlike other products with their single-seam design, these are double-seam. They cover all exposed crash areas, which increases tear resistance and reduces bending-elongation by up to 50%, boosting profile stability and performance.

Mini BattenMini Batten

These prevent unwanted leech flutter.

Short and highly effective mini-battens which provide support for the areas between the battens and prevent undesirable flutter.

iRocket 2.0iRocket 2.0

Super-lightweight and aerodynamic.

An inconspicuous detail with a massive impact. iROCKET 2.0 batten tensioners are super-lightweight, aerodynamic and highly stable, consisting of high-quality components such as a self-lubricating, salt-water-resistant brass nut with stainless-steel screw which can withstand all batten tensions. Furthermore, the iROCKET 2.0 is an essential component for a true windsurfing revolution.

100% correct batten tension, correctly adjusted when purchased and forever after. We calibrate each individual batten at the factory according to development specifications. And we don’t just leave it up to blind intuition either – all battens are adjusted to 100% accuracy using torque wrenches. We also apply soluble screw adhesive to the locknuts so that the tension cannot be altered. This means that the batten tension remains absolutely correct and will never have to be adjusted again. The batten key included with the sail is therefore only needed for fine tuning or in the unlikely event of a batten breakage.


Perfect trim and a huge range of use.

You won’t find a quicker or more accurate way of trimming your sail. Even beginners can trim the sail in a matter of seconds to 100% accuracy. All you need to do is pull the luff until the top of the loose leech reaches the “lower wind limit” or “upper wind limit”. The VTS acts as a power boost, ensuring maximum performance and broader range of use.

TT TopTT Top

Improved sail control at higher winds. Designer Kai Hopf originally designed the TT TOP for the WARP. The reduced, concave shape improves tension conditions for a more effective, three-dimensional top twist. This means the top twists not only horizontally, but also vertically under strong winds. By completely neutralising gusts of wind, the rig is kept steady in the rider’s hands, and thus works in a much larger range of winds.


Optimised pull. On regular top caps and pin systems the webbing is connected in a “one-dimensional” way with the sail body (either side to side or front to back), which transfers the downhaul tension only in certain points. The 3D TOP CAP allows a “three-dimensional” and very widespread transition of the downhaul forces into the sail body. This eliminates top fluttering and ensures a progressive loose leech extending the wind range. The integrated abrasion ribs eliminate the need for heavy, bulky reinforcements at the end of the luff sleeve.

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6.0 6.6 7.3 7.8 8.3 8.8 9.3
195 203 211 219 231 233 241
440 462 474 486 498 510 522
7 7 7 7 7 7 7
3 3 3 3 3 3 3
5.00 5.20 5.40 5.60 5.80 6.00 6.20
430/– 430/460 460 460 490/460

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