Kiteboarding Lesson Newcastle

Kiteboarding lessons.

New structure and format to ensure you, the customer, gets a better quality of lesson and we get through the lesson faster and get you out on the water quicker, safer, and easier. Ages we have taught from 6yrs old to 65yrs old. Various locations for different abilities and depending where your coming from. All lessons must be paid for with cash. Gift Vouchers are currently not available for purchase online. However, you can purchase a gift voucher from the shop using cash. We apologize for any inconvenience.


  • Single Kiteboarding Lesson $180.00 (One on one tuition on location).

This includes an in-shop section (approx 30-45mins) and location section (approx 1.5hrs).

  • Double Kiteboarding Lesson $240.00 (This is for 2 people together 1 x kite).

This includes an in-shop section (approx 30-45mins) and location section (approx 1.5hrs).

  • Triple Kiteboarding Lesson $300.00 (This is for 3 people together 1 x kite).

This includes an in-shop section (approx 30-45mins) and location section (approx 2hrs)

  • Four People Kiteboarding Lesson $350.00 (Four people together 1 x kite).

This includes an in-shop section (approx 30-45mins) and location section (approx 2hrs).

First Lessons are now being run in two parts.
1. Customers are asked to come to the shop to go through the following (Approx 30-45minutes);

  • Fill out waiver forms and make payment (or produce voucher).
  • Theory, choosing a location, wind directions, dangers, etc.
  • Rigging – we will teach you how to rig the kite from start to finish. ( If you have your own gear you need to bring it and check it all works before heading to the beach).
  • Safeties – we run you through using all of them, as well as steering, de-power, and control.
  • Launching and landing, hand  signals, positioning and placement.
  • Self-rescue, basic and full self rescue run through.

2. After the in-shop section is done (not necessarily the same day), it’s location time (Approx 1.5hrs).

  • On location, weather dependent Beach or Lake.
  • Launching and landing the kite partnered and self.
  • Flying skills, first with two then with one hand.
  • Powered flying learning how to dive the kite and produce power in order to ride.
  • Relaunch – how to water relaunch the kite in water or on the sand.
  • Body drag, this may not always be done in water due to conditions but we show you the technique and how to.
  • Usage of the safety systems at least once during the lesson.

We aim to cover as much as possible in each lesson and ensure we move through at a pace which suits you. Everyone learns at different rates.  Above is a guide to your first lesson, and below is a guide to a second lesson. We do have people who will progress and do parts of the second lesson during the first alternatively we may not always get through everything above in a first lesson.

Second Lesson. Approx 2hrs on location.

  • On location at the beach or lake weather dependent.
  • Building on the foundation achieved in the first lesson.
  • Quick refresher to ensure you can fly two handed, relaunch the kite, and use safeties.
  • Into the water, body dragging, become proficient at it.
  • Into the water for a seated drill, floating in the water pretending to put the board on.
  • Kite power strokes – diving the kite in order to produce power to get up and ride.
  • Body dragging with a board.
  • Put the board on and get riding.
  • Correct riding stance, direction, edging, and turning.


Our kiteboarding lessons are run from a number of locations depending on the conditions on the day. Typically we operate in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region at the following spots.

Nobbys Beach

Meet at the carpark near the surfclub or up the end of the beach (instructor will inform you of meeting place).

This is a popular local kiteboarding spot for our summer seabreezes and provides a mix of flat water and waves.

Lake Macquarie

We also utilise a number of spots in the beautiful Lake Macquarie, including Salts Bay (Swansea Channel), Belmont, Swansea, and Marmong Point.

Your spot will be selected by the instructor to ensure that it is suitable for the wind conditions and to give you the best opportunity to progress in a safe environment.

What to bring

All the equipment you need to get on the water is supplied! All you need to bring is whatever you want to wear on the day. It is a good idea also to bring a towel, sunscreen and a hat.

If you have your own equipment we encourage you to bring it along so that you can learn how to use it correctly and safely.